The Best Materials to Add When Packaging Fragile Items

We all need to pack something at some point in our lives. No matter if you are packing for your home or business, some of the things you pack might be fragile materials. Your fragile items can include glass, electronics, or anything else that can be broken easily if dropped. The best materials to use for packing fragile materials are bubble wrap, crumpled paper, and packing peanuts. In addition to packing the right products with your fragile items you want to make sure that you don’t leave space for your item to move around inside the box. If there is space for your item to fall over or bump against the wall of the box you can still risk damaging the item as soon as it is picked up or transported. 

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is the fun 
plastic wrap that we all love to play with when something arrives wrapped up in it. It’s so protective and the little bubbles are fun to pop until you realize you could’ve used your bubble wrap to ship something else. This type of wrap gives you tons of layers of protection when the bubbles aren’t deflated. You item feels like it’s floating on air inside the box, and it even seems like it can take a fall or two and still be secure. Bubble wrap is my top recommendation.

Crumpled Paper

Crumpled paper provides a form of 
cushion for your product. It can be an easier way to pack your items if you don’t have access to other Packaging supplies. The key with using crumpled paper is to place enough of it to provide the right amount of protection. A simple piece of paper that flops around with your item is not going to be effective. If you want you can use really big and strong paper and then you will need less sheets. Use the crumpled paper to surround your item properly and then you will be able to tell once you close up the box that your item is secure. Check thoroughly before you ship and add more paper as needed.

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are super messy but they are biodegradable which makes using them lots of fun. The goal of these peanuts is to fill any empty space in the box surrounding the product. Peanuts are good to combine with glasses collectibles, dishes, and other fragile things. They keep the product in place so it doesn’t move around. The peanuts don’t collect dust. The best packing peanuts are both nontoxic and reusable, so if you get a package that has packing peanuts in it, you should save it and use it for your next shipment.


Packing your materials for shipping doesn’t have to be hard. The great news is once you have a system in place, you can use the same type of trusted items repeatedly to properly protect your items. The best things to use to pack your items are bubble wrap, crumpled paper, and packing peanuts.